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How to Handle Job Rejection Emails ❌

We all hate it, rejection! Receiving a rejection email on that job that you were hopeful for is always a big blow to the ego. I'll share a few tips that'll make the job hunting process easier.

Mass Apply ❗️

This is one of my favorite methods. The art of posting for multiple of jobs of the same type (or various) across different companies at once. When we talk about odds, the chances of you successfully gaining employment are much greater with this method. To successfully implement this method you should research job openings on Indeed, Glassdoor, and a few other company websites to see what they are hiring for. Compile a list consisting of URL links to those pages/postings. Then start applying to each job with the same resume! If I'm on a mass apply streak I shoot to submit between 10-20 applications at a time! Be warned that you'll be going on a lot of interviews so be prepared and plan accordingly.

Reapply 🖥

I told you all about the time I was rejected for a job twice and I applied a third time and was hired right? I'm a big fan of resubmitting a rejected application. Shoot, it's like a relationship and sometimes you have to grow on people! If you have received a rejection letter from a company and you can pin point exactly what caused them to reject you, then you can change/improve on it and resubmit. There's a few things that may cause you to be rejected. Firstly, assessments! These are computerized elements that judges a candidates behavior, reasoning skills, and conflict resolution. If you submitted your application and your experience mirrors what they are looking for per the job description; you may have been flagged by the bots during your assessment. When this happens you should create a new login with a new email and password and retake the assessment. As these assessments are flagged and reapplying with an assessment that was done poorly can result in repeat rejections. The recruiters aren't even receiving your resume to look at more times than not! If you did speak to a recruiter and didn't progress to the next round, you should reapply normally as this isn't an assessment issue. Recruiters are human which means they have human judgement that changes from day to day. Some of them do change their minds if you're persistent and have the skillset to successfully perform the job duties.

Reach Out to Recruiters 📲

Don't be afraid to go this route! If you received a rejection letter from a recruiter and you can't understand why, reach out and ask! On the communications emails recruiters list their form of contact which is usually an email or telephone number. If you can't seem to location that information or the reached out from a generic email; you can also reach out to them on LinkedIn and speak to them in a more informal manner about the rejection. I usually ask two questions, "What caused me to be rejected?" and "How can I make myself a stronger candidate going forward?" Most recruiters will be more than happy to provide feedback on your interview.

Keep the Momentum 🦾

Job searching is hard! Dealing with the anxiety of the hiring process is difficult. If you couple that with rejection letters this can take a mental toll on you and make you feel like you aren't the perfect candidate. It can also make you doubt your workplace value! I want you to trust in your skill! I always say, "You can decide not to hire me, you can even fire me, but you can't take away my skill." Your skillset is your value, not a title! As long as you have your skillset, you can make money. Keep applying and believing in your true value!

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